Wood Borer

Wood Borer Pest Control

Wood borers are tiny beetles whose larvae feed extensively on the wood. Wood Borer leaves its larvae inside the wood, which lurks inside the wood as food. The fine white and yellowish colored powder falls from these tiny holes. They are very dangerous and they are quite similar to termites because they also dig wood. The beetles are more active from March-April and become less active from November onwards and attacks mostly unseasoned wood used in furniture articles like Beds, Dining tables, computer tables, wooden cabinets etc.

Wood Borer Treatment

Wood borer infestations are difficult to control, to avoid that protective measures should take place at every stage. For active wood boring beetle infestation we offer effective treatment by spraying and brushing treatment.

The wood borer control in Pune, we will protect against new invaders if they find their way, just contact us and we will take care of your wood borer problem.